Sometimes, goal setting and striving to look better and sexier are just not enough to motivate you to drop some weight. Read below to find spiritual principles to think about, pray about, and contemplate for successful, permanent Christian weight loss! . Recognize the value God places in order to. Read Psalm : and truly discover in your heart how much God considers you, loves you, and cares for you. can. Realize God’s sacrifice. Read John : again. And then see clearly again. He did that for YOU.

He loves YOU! just. Love yourselfas much as God loves you. “Love your neighbor as yourself” originated from God in the book of Leviticus, was repeated often by Jesus, and reinforced by Paul. Think on it: it not only means that we are supposed to love others, but that we are supposed to ALREADY love ourselves! GOD said so! . Forgive yourself: others made bigger mistakes than you have. Moses murdered. David committed adultery and sent a husband to his death. Matthew would be a thieving tax collector. Paul persecuted and killed.

Thomas doubted. Peter denied Jesus in His very presence. Last I checked, they all turned out ok and were used mightily by God. giam can vy tea be great, too, if you’ll just ask for God’s forgiveness and realize they has forgotten about it, already, and cast the sin as far considering that east is from free airline. Forgiving yourself goes a long, long way towards successful Christian weight loss. some. Forgive others. Bitterness is stressful. Chronic stress increases cortisol development. Cortisol leads specifically to increased stomach flab and inflammation.