Alli pronounced Aleye, the new diet pill from drug giant Glaxo Smith Kline, has been hyped considering solution to all pounds loss troubles, and best of all, it’s available on the counter, ie you could it without a prescription at your local store. Personally, I’m a bit skeptical and careful when it will come to hyped products. First of all, the facts. Alli for weight loss internet dating it work Alli isn’t a new drug as such. It is the baby sister of the drug Xenical, a prescription drug used to treat putting on the weight.

They both contain the actual same substance, orlistat. The only difference is in wide variety. Xenical contains mg of orlistat while Alli contains mg of orlistat. Alli always be used by overweight adults over years as a guide to weight loss together with diet and exercise. Alli is basically a fat blocker. It works by stopping a substance called lipase from working in your bowel. Lipase breaks about the fat that you eat into little pieces which would mean that it can be distributed around the body. As fat is not broken down and absorbed, it passes through the bowel unchanged and is removed when you go to toilet.

How do you use Alli Alli is taken with a meal which has fat up to times a day. You probably should not eat more than g of fat in every meal as this increases the choice of side effects. How reviews of the lean belly prescription diet should you use Alli The manufacturers suggest can may only need using it for months as that is when most of the weight loss takes. What are the side outcomes of Alli Side effects costly common when you eat more than the recommended g of fat per meal.