No, they were brought to Sydney Cove/Farm Cove total their thing and then were taken back in their cells. No one has explained what happen second. All we are told was that they were alongside the manager of the Brewarrina Mission Station and taken home the same way they came to Sydney, on the train under guard. When we know the footage of the reenactment from John Pilger’s documentary Secret Country we don’t see any confrontations one of the local ‘native’ people of Port Jackson and Phillip’s invading group of armed marines.

This historical untruth is deeply a part of contemporary white Australian tradition and belief systems. The the truth is Phillip was met with a strong resistance and complained in order to England later how the ‘natives’ were more numerous than believed. He australia day sydney instilled terror in the locals by instructing Watkin Tench to kill and place their heads. When Phillip ran low on ammunition it was about this time that there a smallpox outbreak amongst Cammarraygael for that opposite side of this harbour from Sydney Cove. Australian in order to a country altogether denial of its genocidal past together with its racist and genocidal policies of in the present day.

The promotion and funding of Australia Day events are criminal. Australians now celebrate a day they know nothing about or have little understanding behind. But then again the Australian style is to ‘Not give a Damn’ because ‘she’ll be right mate’ and ‘to hell with the rest’. These are the some of the particular customary practices from the Australian culture once we know them appropriate. Unfortunately, new Australians have learnt very well. Are rarely getting involved in past history, because culture . they come from was so bad that they are grateful for just being here.