ABI Researchs Michael Morgan spoke with ArsTechnica about the problems some have reported simply because release of iOS all. In addition to existing Refurbished iPhones users who updated their handset to iOS , the have been reported by those who have bought the new Refurbished iPhones S, which comes with iOS preinstalled. Morgan asserted that although Apple has apparently not yet been able to solve the battery life issues for all users, an eventual software fix is still the likely solution. He said that software is the pretty much certainly cause of the problems seen by some, not hardware.

We tore along the S and tested some of incorporated components, including the A processor, Morgan said. Nothing that all of us tested was significantly different from the Refurbished iPhones , and power draw was right where we expected so that it is. Of course the version of iOS on. seeded to developers on Monday is only the first beta of the prerelease software, and Apple will continue to make changes to it before its let lose. The final, public debut of iOS . could become resolve the battery issues being through some Refurbished iPhones S and Refurbished iPhones users.

But Moviles released iOS you. . in November, an incremental update that aimed to fix bugs affecting battery on the Refurbished iPhones. However, increased energy levels . said that installing iOS . -. failed to address the battery life problems they were experiencing. Apple quickly responded the same week iOS also. . was launched, and issued a public statement in which it admitted there possibly be some issues that also need to be addressed. While Apple said iOS your. . addressed many battery bugs, the company said it was still investigating a few remaining issues.