Some type of computer virus is an intelligent program, which can associate itself to certain file extensions for example simply.ZIP and corrupt the targeted ringbinders. Data loss mainly depends upon the nature and motive of the computer strain. In most of the cases, the data gets either completely or partially lost and an error message can appear while accessing the virus infected complete. In such scenarios, the user needs to recover and restore the affected files by using a recent backup. But, if the user has not created any backup of corrupted now.ZIP files or the backup has been corrupted, then he in order to use advanced Zip Repair tools to completely repair and restore the .ZIP

files. For example, each and every user downloads an is.ZIP file, he receives the following error message while planning to open it: “Header Corrupt” After the above error message appears, the truly.ZIP file becomes inaccessible. The main cause of the above error message is this has been infected by CIH virus. This virus is also known as “W .CIH”, “Chernobyl”, and “Spacefiller”. This virus mainly affects the .ZIP and .exe files. The .ZIP file can be corrupted with CIH virus by the following ways: The computer on what the file was created was infected with CIH virus.

The .ZIP file may have been passed through an infected computer. To end the above error message and access the .ZIP file, the user has to follow these two steps: Recover more.ZIP file from the latest backup. Recover a.ZIP file from a Zip Recovery utility application. how to zip a file is not able to perform when the user has not created any recent backup of the inaccessible .ZIP file. Such circumstances, the user needs to use powerful zip repair software.